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Make an easy nightshirt by using the tunic length View A, cutting front on fold. Add a contrast band and allow 8" slits in the side seams. Use cotton double gauze for a cloud-soft feel. 

It is easy to add a contrast band to the hem as illustrated on the pattern front. Following the shape of your hem, cut a strip of contrast fabric 4-1/4" wide.

Cut one for the front and one for the back.

Right sides together, stitch the front and back bands together at their side seams and press seam allowances open. Place the right side of the contrast band against the wrong side of the garment hem, matching side seams and lower raw edges. Stitch lower edge with a 5/8" seam. Flip contrast band to right side of garment and press. Press under 5/8" on upper edge of contrast band and stitch it to the right side of garment.

Note: The illustration shows View C with a front tie at the waist. The pattern gives a front tie position at the high waist/Empire. Move the tie position as you prefer.

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